Workshop BUYLIGURIA, October 18th, 2017


From 14-10-2017
To 19-10-2017



The 5th edition of BUYLIGURIA, organized in cooperation with the International Exhibition Group, will take place from 14th to 19th October, with a fullday workshop in Genova on 18th  October.

35 highly qualified buyers interested in the Ligurian tourist products and services will participate to the event.

The BUYLIGURIA event was created in 2013 to favour and promote the meeting of international Buyers and Sellers of the regional offer, selected and invited by  “In Liguria” Agency, and has now become a yearly event and an occasion for commercial development.

This year the buyers, who also participate in the TTG fair of Rimini from 12th to 14th October, come from Usa, Canada, Brasile, Argentina, Australia, China e Russia.

They will arrive in Genoa on Saturday, 14th  October , after the TTG fair.

Until Thursday 19th October they will stay in Genoa, at the Grand Hotel Savoia; from  15 th to 17 th Oct. they will participate to the eductour, an occasion for them to get to know, for the first time or more in depth, the environmental and structural peculiarities of Liguria. The event will kick off on Thursday 19th October.

Wednesday 18th October will be entirely dedicated to the WORKSHOP, which will take place at the Grand Hotel Savoia of Genoa from 10 am to 5 pm. 

The workshop participants will be matched by the online agenda system (each appointment last 15 min, for a total 24 appointments).

Foreign buyers will be seated at the desks. For each Ligurian operator 2 persons are admitted at the workshop.

In order to participate and manage the agenda it is necessary to be registered to this website as a seller or as a buyer (see homepage for registration form and page “BuyLiguria” for info about the online platform). The invitation to the workshop will only be sent to selected operators here registered.

The tour operators that have been invited and would like to confirm their participation should fill in the online registration form (in the page of the event) with the data of the person who is going to attend.

The registered tour operators will then be sent a communication when the online agendas will be opened, complete with the programme details.

The participation to the workshop and to the educational tour, as well as all the services listed in the programme, are completely free for the buyers.


The participation to the workshop for the invited sellers is free for the companies which are members of “Club Liguria All Season” managed by “In Liguria” Agency.

The companies which are not members of Club Liguria All Season should pay a participation fee of € 150.00 plus 22% VAT (total € 183.00).

The companies requesting the registration are to pay the established fee and make a bank transfer to the following account:

Agenzia Regionale per la Promozione Turistica “in Liguria”

Banca Carige Spa – Agency no. 6 of Piazza Dante 40 R – 16121 Genoa (Italy)

IBAN:  IT73 O061 7501 4060 0000 2365 290

Reason for payment: “BuyLiguria – workshop 18 October 2017”

A copy of the bank transfer is to be sent by e-mail to the agency to the address

In Liguria Agency will be able to confirm the registration to the event only after receiving a copy of the proof of payment for the workshop participation fee.